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          CMG offers top-quality, brand-new shipping containers for the transportation, storage, and various miscellaneous needs of your business. New shipping containers are often built in China, and they have a single, one-way trip to the US. That is why these containers are often called “one-trip containers.” As CMG, we buy new and high-quality shipping containers directly from their manufacturer in China and import them to numerous locations in the States. As a result, we cut down the costs of buying transportation and delivery. That is why we are able to offer very competitive prices to our customers. In addition to offering one-trip shipping containers, we also provide unique modifications customization, and refurbishment services in accordance with your needs.

          New shipping containers for sale are very convenient for clients who require excellent condition, long life, durability, and safety. We make sure to provide our customers with high-quality steel shipping containers so that they would not need any maintenance on a regular basis.

          In CMG, we aim to solve all your transportation and storage problems. That is why we have many different sizes, heights, and design options. With CMG, you can find the perfect container to export goods abroad, store materials and goods on-site, create stylish and durable shipping container homes, offices, or retail units. Moreover, we offer 20 years for structural and 10 years for wind and watertight warranty in the US.

          Check out our new shipping containers video for more information.

Standard ISO shipping containers come in sizes of 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet high. The general length options are 20 feet and 40 feet. There are also extra tall shipping containers called high-cube containers, which come in 9.5 feet in height.
Generally, an empty 20-foot shipping container weighs between 3,960 – 4,850 lb. (about 1.8 to 2.2 metric tons). An empty 40-foot shipping container is larger and weighs between 8,340 - 9,260 lb. (about 3.8 to 4.2 metric tons). There are also taller shipping containers called high-cube containers, and they tend to weigh around 10 to 20% heavier than their standard counterparts.
Most of the shipping containers that come are made in accordance with ISO standards are made from steel and have closed-top with hinged doors. Additional materials such as aluminum, fiber-reinforced polymer and likewise can be used for the construction of shipping containers if they are to be modified.
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