How to Open a Shipping Container?
Often, people who are new to using shipping containers wonder how to open their doors. Read on to find out the easy and safe way!
Are Shipping Containers Airtight?
Conventional shipping containers lack an airtight seal. Typically, they feature vents to let in air and keep condensation from accumulating. Here is why…
How to Disguise a Shipping Container?
The options for disguising a shipping container are endless and can include anything from solid colors to siding made of wood. Here are some ideas!
How Much Is a Shipping Container Pool?
It's never a good idea to begin a project without having a thorough understanding of the steps, costs, and desired results. Read our article to learn more.
How Much Does a Shipping Container Home Cost?
A cheaper option to a traditional house is a shipping container home. If you're curious about the price of a shipping container house, start reading!
Hydroponic Containers: The Ultimate Guide
Using hydroponic containers has become a popular trend in modern agriculture. If you want to learn more about them, read our article!
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