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As a rule of thumb, housing cost shouldn’t exceed the 30% of a household’s total income. Yet the cost of housing keeps rising across the country. Moreover, many families spend a significant portion of their income on various domestic expenses like mortgage payments. That is why shipping container homes have been gaining popularity as an alternative housing option. Compared to a traditional house, a shipping container house is much more sustainable, affordable and environmentally conscious. Moreover, the cost to build a shipping container home is only a fraction of the cost to build a brick house.

At CMG, we offer unique shipping container home solutions for affordable prices. With our experience in the shipping container business, we are able to offer low shipping container homes prices and one-of-a-kind solutions for your needs. We have studio and one-bedroom options along with multi-container options. We also offer various products you will need for your container homes, such as dry walls, insulation, sliding doors and windows and air condition HVAC solutions.

There are numerous benefits of shipping container homes: cost, unlimited customization options, off the grid solutions, sustainable construction, very low heating costs, fresh air 24/7 and more. Modern shipping containers can be customized to answer all your needs. For instance, you can add solar and wind packages, additional windows and rooms. If you want an off-grid container home, you can pass on solar panels and create an eco-friendly, cozy living space. If you are looking for luxury, you can build a lavish but sustainable shipping container home for competitive prices.

If you need detailed information on our container homes, you can check the studio, one bedroom and multi-container options above or fill out the form below to request a quote.

Shipping container homes are an incredibly good alternative to live in, however, only some states have legalized them. Texas, California, Tennessee, Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oregon states allow shipping container homes legally. Florida also allows shipping container homes to a certain degree.
Shipping container homes are not illegal in Florida. However, you should still check with the local municipality office not to violate any city regulations.
Shipping containers are made with durability and safekeeping of transported goods around the globe. That is why shipping container homes are also very secure. With certain modifications through high-quality windows, doors, and openings you can further increase the value of shipping containers as homes. You can further enhance your security by installing alarm systems.
We as CMG containers provide you the best quality shipping container homes. You can custom modify your shipping container homes to get the feeling of any conventional home with high-quality windows, doors, security systems, and extra rooms as an example. Pick-up and delivery of shipping container homes are also made by us.
Shipping container homes can be built in the do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion. However, to build them you require a certain toolset that can work on metal frames as shipping container homes are built very sturdy for safeness. We recommend contacting professional services to build your shipping container home for the best results.
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