Modular Offices

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your workspace, take a closer look at shipping container modular offices.



Made of premium quality steel, shipping containers are built to last. They are able to withstand extreme weather conditions for prolonged durations, and they protect what is inside from what is outside. In addition, they are very versatile: They come in different sizes and heights, and they can be modified endlessly in accordance with your needs. That is why many businesses opt for turning shipping containers into functional and reliable office spaces.

If you want to cut down the costs as much as possible without sacrificing the function and longevity, you can opt for repurposing a used shipping container. As CMG Containers, we purchase structurally sound used shipping containers. Then we fix small dentures and scratches before testing the containers for durability. Afterwards, we modify these shipping containers to turn them into cool retail shops, spacious storage units, functional in-site offices, memorable trade fair booths, hip coffee shops, trendy restaurants, cozy in-law suites, welcoming homes and much more. Moreover, we offer a 5-year structural warranty for our shipping containers.

Refurbished shipping containers are as good as new ones but if you prefer a new shipping container, we can offer you our expertise and experience in new shipping container office modification as well.

Shipping container offices offer unlimited flexibility: You can modify them as you desire and place them anywhere. They are ideal to be put in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Modular shipping container offices are reusable and relocatable. That is why you can use your modular office for different projects and in different sites. Due to having an expandable design, modular offices can fit your changing needs. In other words, you can repurpose your modular office as an administrative office, team room, computer lab, conference room and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless!

In order to ensure that your modular shipping container office meets your needs, we offer many modifications including numerous door and window modifications, HVAC, electrical installations and high security lock boxes. Our standard size is 40ft shipping container, but we can manufacture any size or make custom configurations upon request. With the expertise and experience of 10 years, we provide tailor-made solutions to your modular office needs. We offer nationwide installation. Also, we can send a supervisor if your project requires one.

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Modular offices are a very budget-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to constructing, renting, or buying regular office spaces. You can add any type of modification to your office space such as kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors, lock boxes, solar power, shelving system, and many more. They are also fully portable, which means you can transport them to wherever you want.
Modular offices are made from industry-grade premium quality steel. This means that your modular offices will last for a lifetime. In addition, units like modular offices come with a minimum 5-year structural warranty on standard conditions.
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