Container Pick Up

CMG containers has contracts with different ports, rail yards and depots nationwide to store the containers, and we usually provide free loading service for container pick-ups.

Please be aware these 3rd party depots, and we just store the containers for our export/import, storage needs. These depots are not a retail stores. Very busy and everything has to move fast with timely manner. We need to prepare the container advance and match that to the yard with a release number so trucking company or you can pick up the right container without waiting. We need at least 24 hours to prepare and make the container ready. Some cases it makes take longer. 

Container Delivery

We have nationwide agreements with 3rd party container delivery companies. Please be aware that these companies are like UPS delivering your Amazon package, they work independently.  They are not our employee but contracted by us for your delivery. 

The most important part of our business is delivering the container to our clients.  Almost over 20 years, we delivered over 30000 containers. We developed a delivery order form, so please read and understand every item on the form and answer the questions very carefully. If you do not understand any questions, please call us.

Most of the clients require tilt bed or roll off delivery for shipping containers, but tilt bed delivers usually cost effective for up to 200 miles. For long distance deliveries over 200 miles we recommend to flatbed trucks and in that case customers need to arrange  forklifts or cranes at the delivery site to unload. There are some in-ordinary ways of unloading containers from the trucks without a crane or forklift but can be dangerous.

Before you buy the containers, know the following

Containers can be delivered with two different sizes trucks. 

#1- The small truck. This is a tilt bed, roll back wrecker. We use this to deliver 20' containers or smaller. This is the same truck that can move and tow a car. To offload, the front bed tilts, the container slides off the back. The driver needs 60' feet of space. This truck sit about 4' off the ground, so it can deal with slight unevenness. They require 15' of overhead clearance.

#2- The big truck. This is a semi tractor hooked to 43' delivery trailer.  Landoll is also a popular brand. This set up is used to deliver two 20' shipping containers at once, 40' shipping containers and larger. This trailer sits very low to the ground. It requires a flat surface and 130' of space to pull away. Plan on 14' of overhead clearance.

Off Road Deliveries-. We must have a level, hard packed surface, with easy access. We had had  customers ask drivers to back up mountain roads, pull onto wet -freshly plowed fields. In case the truck get stuck because of the wet ground, customer will be responsible for the rescue. If your ground is wet, please call us advance and postpone the delivery. No driver and no container service wants to get stuck.

What you should expect from your delivery

A target delivery date. Most of the trucking companies  like to book their deliveries advanced and usually minimum it takes 48 hours to set up a delivery, some cases can take up to 10 days depending on trucking companies schedule.  After we received the delivery forms typical delivery takes 3 to 7 business days. Once we received your delivery order form we arrange your container with the yard and after that schedule your delivery with trucking company. If you order a container, it may take 2 days to 5 days to hear from the trucking company. They can typically offer estimated of a day for arrival. Because these are large trucks, traffic patterns, prior deliveries-exact times are tough to give out. If your delivery is time sensitive, please let us know. After hours, weekend deliveries and time sensitive deliveries may cost more-please ask. We can make just about anything happen. :)

We will ask about door placement. Doors can be loaded to the cab of the truck or away from the cab. We depend on you to determine how the truck will approach your site. Some of you can answer this question in an instant, and some of you need to ponder... Think carefully, it is expensive and labor intensive to flip a container onsite. Most customers request doors to the cab-this means doors hit the ground last.

Delivery should take about 30 minutes. If you require extra attention, please be prepared to pay the driver. We appreciate many of you will tip the driver (so nice of you), but if the driver is there for hours because of negligence of the customer. Container will not be dropped until CMG or trucking company gets paid for extra hours. Thanks for your advanced understanding. Please do not forget these trucks and drivers cost a lot of money and usually they have another delivery scheduled for that day. They may lose a business because of your negligence.

Delivery site

Containers usually delivered right onto the ground. Containers have marine grade plywood floors screwed down into steel cross members. The floors do sit up some because of the frame. Some customers prepare concrete or gravel pads and some do not. We recommend at least  4” x 4” or 6”x6” pieces of pressure treated wood to place under the container. Ventilation is very important.

#1- Gives you room to level and block further if needed (doors operate best when level). THE DRIVER DOESN'T LEVEL FOR YOU — he just offloads and leaves,

#2- Gives you room to move the container-the blocks give a little space underneath,

#3- Allows room for container to settle if off-road. Imagine a heavy container in the mud-ewww!,

#4- Some say this prevents rotting of the floors. I have the advantage of gravel or concrete at my facility-so I haven't personally tested this. However, it makes sense that a little lift allows the air to flow around the bottom of the container,

#5- In the event of a flood, blocks sound smart.


#1- Little critters can take up residence under your container,

#2- Lifts the container higher, so you and your things have a higher step up to get inside.

Please watch our delivery and pick up video!


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