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Shipping containers are smart options that come to people's minds for various needs, from storage to housing. They are durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, eco-conscious, versatile, and so on. For countless reasons, shipping containers are perfect alternatives to conventional housing. Let us examine each of these essential qualities of shipping containers one by one to make it clear why they might be precisely what you need for your unique needs.

Unique Features of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are incredibly durable because of being made of high-quality steel. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use and preserve their structural integrity for a very long time. They are easy to maintain in that all you have to do is carry regular inspections and determine the spots that might require extra care or repair. Moreover, shipping containers are very cost-effective because whatever your container conversion project is, you can be sure that you will spend less time and effort on the construction compared to conventional buildings. After all, the main structure will already be ready with a shipping container. Another reason shipping containers are preferable is that they allow us to make eco-conscious decisions primarily because you will consume less energy for your container. Last but not least, these huge boxes are versatile units, making endless container modifications and customizations possible. Thanks to their versatility, you can think of shipping containers as big Lego pieces and personalize them by adding new parts due to your needs, and you can have modified shipping containers.

Shipping Container Modifications

As mentioned above, you have endless container modification options. For instance, you can easily turn your shipping container into a mobile office, on-site housing option, trade fair booth, extra storage room, hip and trendy restaurant, mobile bathroom & toilet for large events, guard shack, break room, in-plant office, kiosk, cooling station, mobile weigh station, retail shop, in-law suite or even a cozy, welcoming home.

As CMG Containers, we have been offering unprecedented shipping container modifications to our customers since 2003. With the experience and expertise, we have amassed in almost two decades, we can turn a simple shipping container into the storage solution or living space you desire by applying the necessary container modifications.

In order to answer all your needs, we offer exceptional shipping container modifications: Shipping container doors, windows, lighting, HVAC, shelving, insulation, vents, security solutions, piping, interior design modifications, electrical installations, and much more.

Modified shipping containers can have fully functional kitchens and bathrooms, stylish container windows and doors, impenetrable security measures, solar power, louvered or turbine vents, functional shelving systems, flooring, drywall, and much more. With the appropriate storage container modifications, you can turn a simple shipping container into an elaborate, classy, and practical space.

Shipping container modifications like exterior paint, air conditioner, container window, and French shipping container door allow you to create an inviting home. Or you can opt for container modifications, like sliding glass doors, a shipping container kitchen, electrical installations, piping systems, and impressive exterior paint to build a contemporary and trendy restaurant, a functional and impressive office space, and a memorable trade fair booth, and various other professional solutions.

CMG is Here For You!

As CMG, we have been proudly carrying our responsibility toward customers for years by providing high-quality products, well-experienced services, and a customer-oriented approach. We owe our leadership and reliability in the industry to this perspective. In this regard, we do our best to recognize our customers' expectations and offer the best modified shipping containers personalized according to the unique needs of our customers. Hence, we provide complete contentment to our customers by ensuring that they will realize their dream container projects with our quality shipping container modifications.

Scroll down to see and derive inspiration from the container modifications we offer. If you have further questions or want to get a quote, feel free to get in touch!

You can modify your shipping container in various ways according to your unique needs. These versatile units allow endless container modifications through which you can personalize your shipping container as you wish. Some of the shipping container modifications are doors, windows, paint, HVAC, shelving, shipping container kitchen and bathroom, electricity, vents, and security solutions.
Modifying a shipping container is not difficult; however, if you want to ensure your modified container's quality and safety, it is wiser to work with a reliable company with years of experience in shipping container modification. As CMG, we will always be glad to be there for those searching for a company that can offer high-quality container modifications.
The cost of shipping container customizations depends on the container modifications you prefer. The price will inevitably change according to your choices as there are countless shipping container modification options. You can always reach out to learn more about modified shipping container costs.
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