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Emerging as a budget friendly and functional solution to unique storage and living space needs, shipping containers offer versatility and durability.

Shipping containers are made of high-quality steel and have a sound structure. That is why they can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use for a very long time. In addition, they are very versatile! They offer virtually endless customization and modification options. That is why you can easily turn a shipping container into a mobile office, on-site housing option, trade fair booth, extra storage room, hip and trendy restaurant, mobile bathroom & toilet for large events, guard shack, break room, in-plant office, kiosk, cooling station, mobile weigh station, retail shop, in-law suit or even a cozy, welcoming home.

As CMG Containers, we have been offering unprecedented shipping container solutions to our customers since 2003. With the experience and expertise, we have amassed in almost two decades, we are able to turn a simple shipping container into the storage solution or living space you desire through applying the necessary shipping container modifications.

In order to answer all your needs, we offer exceptional container modifications: Doors, paint, windows, lighting, HVAC, shelving, insulation, vents, security solutions, piping, interior design modifications, electrical installations and much more.

Modified shipping containers can have fully functional kitchens and bathrooms, stylish doors and windows, impenetrable security measures, solar power, louvered or turbine vents, functional shelving systems, flooring, drywall and much more. With the appropriate storage container modifications, you can turn a simple shipping container into an elaborate, classy and practical spaces.

Container home modifications like exterior paint, air conditioner and French door allow you to create an inviting home. Or you can opt for sliding glass doors, shipping container kitchen, electrical installations, piping systems and impressive exterior paint to build a contemporary and trendy restaurant, a functional and impressive office space, a memorable trade fair booth and various other professional solutions.

Scroll down to see and derive inspiration from the container modifications we offer. If you have further questions or want to get a quote, feel free to get in touch!

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