One of the best things about shipping containers is their versatility. You can create virtually anything out of a shipping container: A home, a backyard office, an on-site housing solution, and so much more! The cost of converting a shipping container depends on the customizations you opt for. That is why it is not possible to offer a fixed price. If you would like to learn more about customizations or get a free quote, don't hesitate to contact us.
Shipping container homes cost only a fraction of brick-and-mortar homes. Moreover, they are significantly easier and faster to build since they are either prefab or modular thus, it takes less time to assemble them. The exact cost of converting a shipping container into a home depends on your needs and the customizations you want. That is why it is not possible to offer a fixed price. If you would like to learn more about the cost of shipping container homes or get a free quote, please get in touch with us.
Yes, you can! Shipping containers are very versatile structures; hence you can make almost any modification to create your dream building. You can add new doors, windows, lighting fixtures, plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, and a lot more to convert your shipping container into a luxurious living space, a functional restroom, a practical office, a small kitchenette, a reliable garage to store your belongings, and so much more. Since shipping containers are very versatile, you can convert them to almost anything! In addition to modifying the interior, you can also modify the exterior and stack multiple shipping containers on top of one another or next to each other for more space.
Yes, you can put a shipping container on the ground! The land must be a relatively level and smooth surface so your shipping container won’t be slanted. If the terrain is rather tricky, you might have to build a solid and level foundation before placing your container.
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