If you are among those who would like to leave the rental home life behind and get a new home for yourself in an adventurous way, shipping container homes are the right thing for you! You might be experienced in regards to what shipping container homes are or perhaps you have some questions in regards to how shipping containers are built from scratch. Perhaps you are wondering something more specific such as how much shipping container homes cost to purchase in Florida. No worries! This blog post that we created for you will answer all of your questions regarding shipping container homes at every level!



What Are Shipping Container Homes?

Let’s begin with the question, “what are shipping container homes exactly”? You might have come across similar terms in your research such as prefab homes or modular homes and might be wondering what the exact differences are.


For starters, shipping containers are very durable metal containers that are originally made to withstand overseas travel for storage purposes. These containers are repurposed and converted into homes or offices with lots of customization options. You can add locks, windows, storage sections, and many more to your shipping container homes as well! Thus, they can be turned into fully operational homes with any customization you desire. You can check out our website for the full list of our customization options for your shipping container home as well.


Shipping container homes have become so popular throughout recent years as an alternative option to houses that many countries have already installed thousands of them including but not being limited to the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and South Africa. Their practicality and affordability also played an important role in their fame. Therefore, make no mistakes, your dream home selection can definitely be real with your very own shipping container home!


Are Shipping Container Homes Worth It?

Long story short, the answer is definitely a YES. They are cheaper, more durable, and very viable as an alternative way of living that you can hardly pass their perks in comparison to regular houses. You can customize them to your liking and taste, so you will get yourself a brand new shipping container home!

Shipping container homes are also very environmentally friendly. Every 40ft shipping container used for building a home helps preserve approximately more than 8,000 pounds of steel, which is definitely a big upside in our books.



Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

We get this question a lot through our emails and phones. We can assure you that all of the shipping containers that come with certification are very plausible for building your home. You can also ask any and all specific questions you have to us through our contact us page. Now let’s continue reading to see why shipping container homes are really very safe below.

We at CMG always choose new/one trip shipping containers with certification for your homes. This means that the shipping containers are manufactured and directly sent to you as their first owner through only a single overseas delivery. This ensures that your shipping container homes will be in very good condition for construction.

Imagine this as well, if these shipping containers can withstand very harsh weather conditions and handle tons of cargo, how firm of a foundation that they would create for your homes? The answer is that they will be very durable and provide you with a solid frame for your home.



Are Shipping Container Homes Cheaper?

Shipping container homes are definitely cheaper than regular houses as well as modular homes and prefab homes. Shipping container prices vary in terms of cost between their 20ft and 40ft versions. Small container homes can range between $10,000 to $30,000.

If you are looking for larger versions with amenities and multiple divisions, prices can go up to between $90,000 to $160,000. They are usually much more affordable and mobile than conventional houses. You can also add a ton of customization options and the cost would vary depending on that as well.

If you want to buy used shipping containers that can also be very efficient in regards to additional units for storage purposes. You can even go more creative with used shipping containers, such as creating bars, gathering areas, and even barns! We will cover this in a separate blog more in detail so stay tuned. On top of those, used shipping containers are also way cheaper than their new/one trip counterparts and still come with a high-durability warranting certification. This would save you a ton when building your new shipping container home if you desire multiple units!

For a full price list for our new/one trip shipping container and used shipping container prices you can check out
our pages.



What States Allow Shipping Container Homes?

Texas, California, Tennessee, Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oregon states allow shipping container homes legally. Florida also allows shipping container homes to a certain degree. We especially provide services for Miami and Tampa as well.

Each state may have different regulations for its different regions, thus, it would be best to talk to the town municipality office for legal purposes. You can read further below on how to start the process for your new shipping container home!



Where to Find Shipping Container Homes?

So you might be wondering, “how do I get a shipping container home for sale near me”? The best way to do so is to enlist the help of professionals that have years of experience with high-quality shipping containers.

Professional shipping container companies can provide services and guide you appropriately in terms of shipping container customization options, certification, pick-up, and delivery services upon purchases, and many more stages. You might be wondering then, what about DIY (do-it-yourself) methods? We find the ready container acquirement as a more viable option.


The main reason for that comes from the fact that you are laying a foundation and good craftsmanship is essential. DIY methods might seem to attract as a more creative way for building your shipping container home, however, in reality, it is not very efficient. While we are not saying that is it technically not possible or plausible for you to build one from scratch, it is also a very time-consuming process that requires a lot of prior knowledge of learning.

Instead, safely enlisting the help of a shipping container company is hassle-free and more time-conserving. A readily built shipping container home unit can save many months of building time, and be delayed due to various reasons such as weather conditions, tough situations such as the current coronavirus pandemic, and city regulations. Less headache is the best way for building permanent things in our humble opinion and a professionally made product is the way to go.

On the biggest note, with a professional factory-made certified shipping container ready for you, you can now focus all of your precious time on your planning for building your new shipping container home. That will be covered right below.


Planning Your Shipping Container Home

Now that you know the general frame of what you are looking at with shipping container homes, we can focus on the planning section.

For starters, every professional shipping container company such as ourselves at CMG will require permits before purchases. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that you will be able to use your shipping container without any regulatory issues and that’s why we want to help you deal with any obstacle you might encounter beforehand.

We generally require you to obtain a town permit and a Geo Tech report from your municipality before purchasing shipping container homes. The town permit is in regards to differing regions’ varying allowances and the Geo Tech report will allow you to make sure that your founding grounds are solid for construction and living standards. After both these, and if necessary other permits are approved, you will be able to make your purchase without any issues and begin building your shipping container home. We suggest additionally for you to hire professional architects, engineers, and builders to get a better layout for your dream home.


Please give us a call for further assistance regarding town permits as their procedures can vary from county to county.


All in all, this is the end of our brief blog post covering everything about shipping container homes! If you are interested in learning more about shipping container homes and shipping containers in general stay tuned to our blog posts. We are sure you will find more useful information regarding shipping containers through our website. Until next time, be safe and stay in happy moods!

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