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You might be searching for a reliable company where you can rent office containers in Florida, Miami, or Tampa. If so, you are on the right page! Keep reading to learn the advantages of rental office containers and find the high-quality office containers for rent in Florida, Tampa, and Miami offered by CMG!

Office Containers for Rent (Sizes, types)

Having no place to work while spending months on a construction site is unbearable. Allow us to offer a comprehensive resolution to your workplace anxiety.

With the ease of ground-level access, CMG provides a fleet of sturdy mobile rental office shipping containers. From modest site offices to opulent corporate offices, we provide office containers for rent in a variety of sizes, with or without insulation or air conditioning.

Additionally, we provide containers that serve as both offices and storage.

We have office combo units and office/storage containers in sizes 20 and 40 feet. Our skilled team can customize office units by adding windows, shelving, flooring, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, additional security features, and other amenities in accordance with your requirements, in addition to offering a variety of standardized container offices.

There are countless uses for our rental office containers, including guard shacks, testing facilities, and extra office space. Let us provide you with an alternative to paying exorbitant costs for office space.

Providing rental storage and office solutions since 2003, CMG has been the industry leader. However, you want, you can rent office containers with our help!

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20' Mobile Office Container for Rent

Any job site would benefit from our 20 ft mobile office containers. They only require one regular parking space and are simple to move into position.

They are easily moved because they are delivered and transported by a small roll-back truck. It is portable and easily transferred from one job to another. They are safe, provide weather protection for your electronic devices and computers, and safeguard your valuable papers. We can modify a unit to meet your requirements.

Our container offices are a great option if you need easy, fast access to ground-level office space for a construction project or industrial site.

With 160 square feet of ground-level office space, our 20' x 8' container office satisfies state and federal building, electrical, and mechanical codes. It is backed by the best customer service available in the business.

CMG provides a range of choices to guarantee that your container office is completely functional and prepared for business from the outset.

You can maintain the flow and direction of your business with the aid of our 20' x 8' mobile office containers. You can be sure that our container offices will meet your needs, no matter what kind of space problem you are attempting to solve.

Its ideal size and adaptability make it one of the most preferred container choices for business owners. This container space can be used as a safe workspace, a meeting room on-site, or a mobile office. Strong weather resistance and theft prevention are provided by the corrugated steel construction, and your valuables are kept secure by a high-security locking system.

These 20 ft container offices meet OSHA regulations and are of ISO quality, guaranteeing your crew a secure location.

40' Mobile Office Container for Rent

40' Mobile Office Container for Rent 

You may occasionally need a little bit more for your temporary work. Ground floor 40 ft mobile office containers are more than capable of handling the situation at hand. Our fleet of standard-sized portable office units includes the largest office containers, measuring 40 feet by 8 feet, which provides ample space for working, storing, and managing various tasks necessary for a bustling office.

Shipping containers are repurposed to create all of our office units, including our 40-foot offices. At first, they were made to carry loads over difficult terrain and across rivers.

Even though they are being repurposed, our 40-foot office shipping containers still have the strength and mobility that they were born with. A robust, adaptable unit that is simple to move from site to site as your needs change is what you get when you rent from us.

Whenever your job site takes you, you can create peaceful, safe work environments with 40 ft mobile office containers.

With their versatile design and ease of installation, these steel units provide you with a dedicated area for handling administrative duties, holding meetings with customers and suppliers, taking breaks for meals, and storing extra supplies and equipment. Our 40 ft ground floor office units are very transportable.

It's difficult to choose just a few benefits of renting one of our 40 ft office containers. They optimize worksite operations with little effort and no stress because they are adaptable and simple to install. You've come to the right place if you're thinking about renting one of our 40 ft ground-level office units.

We're here to support you in determining whether these units are right for you and to provide you with all the information you need to decide what's best for your company.

Mobile Office & Storage Container Combo

You can benefit from both the extra space of a storage unit and the conveniences of office space with our combo storage container office units. The amount of office and storage space can be adjusted to suit your requirements. We can add, remove, and modify these containers in a variety of ways.

The company branched out into container modifications over time. You can add a new floor, an additional door, multiple windows, insulation, ventilation, and paintwork. Changes in material costs, logistics, and other factors will affect modification prices.

These special projects involving modified containers included lunch rooms, confined space training containers, hazardous materials containers, first aid rooms, switch rooms, portable housing and restroom blocks, and more. Making minor adjustments even simpler was accomplished by including a selection of standard accessories.

Our combo containers are sturdy, corrugated steel bodyguards against external weathering for your inventory, supplies, and goods.

Moreover, ground-level access to supplies and expensive equipment is provided by these ISO-grade storage office trailers. This mobile office and storage container combo can also be kept stacked on top of one another to expand the amount of office and storage space on one floor.

The purpose of CMG office storage containers is to store supplies and equipment for businesses while offering a safe environment to work.

inside of a shipping container, scaled

When space is limited and you require mobile workspace and on-site office storage, office storage units are the ideal solution. Work and storage combined into a single, safe, and portable unit.

Even the busiest construction sites benefit immediately from portable office storage containers. Although the advantages of these containers vary from client to customer, some of the most well-known ones are organization; space savings; increased workplace safety; prevention of loss and damage; and high portability.

You can accomplish two goals at once when you combine storage and office space into one unit. Our office storage containers offer a practical, multipurpose space that is made to be as small as possible while still offering plenty of room and comfort, helping businesses save valuable workspace.

Workplaces that are neat and orderly are safer. Your supplies are less likely to be damaged, trodden on, or stepped on during the workday if they are kept inside a sizable steel container. Our office storage containers are incredibly portable, making it simple to relocate them from one location to another as needed.

white shipping container on the ground

You Should Rent Shipping Container Office from a Reliable Supplier

One essential consideration you should keep in mind is that the company you rent office containers is reliable and well-experienced so that you do not face problems throughout the Conex office rental process.

CMG Provides the Best Mobile Office Containers for Rent

Thanks to being in the shipping container industry for 20 years, CMG knows how to provide the best solutions for customers. We owe our leadership and reliability in the industry to our dedication to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

This is why we guarantee you will be able to reach the top-quality and most suitable mobile office containers for rent right after you start to work with us.

We Offer the Best Rental Office Containers in Florida, Miami, and Tampa

Suppose you are looking for rental offices in Florida, Miami, and Tampa. In that case, you do not have to keep searching anymore because, as CMG, we provide the best office containers for rent in areas including Florida, Miami, and Tampa. 

As CMG, we provide rental office container services in areas where container offices are preferred by many. We do our best to satisfy the needs and offer rental mobile office containers in regions including Florida, Miami, and Tampa. 

If you are still searching for “the best office containers for rent near me,” we invite you to finalize your search and contact us because we are always here to help you to have the ideal office containers for rent!

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