Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Florida

Ideally, housing costs should not constitute more than 30% of a household’s total income. Unfortunately, millions of families across the United States find themselves in a position where they have to spend a hefty portion of their income on housing: Mortgage payments, utilities, rent and similar expenses. In addition, house prices keep up with the inflation and rise annually while people’s incomes remain somewhat unchanged. As a result, housing expenses weight heavily on families around the country.

In order to stay within their budget, people have been looking for alternative housing options. Many families opt for more affordable ways of building their own homes and some families go for a DIY approach to cut back on housing expenses. Being one of the most popular alternative housing options, shipping container homes offer versatility and durability.

Many families from all around the United States choose shipping container home solutions to create their dream home for affordable prices. In addition to being less expensive, shipping container homes are also eco-friendly. They are made of used shipping containers, that is why they contribute to recycling and offer a green housing option. Moreover, shipping container homes can also be solar-powered and/or off-the-grid. That is why many eco-conscious families choose container homes over traditional brick and mortar houses.

If you are interested in shipping container homes, you should take a closer look at our container home in Florida deals. In order to answer all your needs, we offer unique container home options from tiny projects to big buildings.

If you need a compact and durable solution, you can go for our Standard Package. Standard Package offers a shipping container studio apartment with 1 Bath, 1 Kitchenette and 150 square feet living area. A perfect solution for on-site housing, backyard office and guest-house needs, shipping container studio apartment can be plugged in instantly or can be enhanced with solar panels.

Your shipping container home in Florida can be much bigger if that is what you need. You can opt for our Standard Package V1 and Standard Package V2. Both options offer spacious one-bedroom apartments. Also known as conex cabins, one-bedroom shipping container houses have 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 320 square feet living area. Being very versatile and durable, one-bedroom houses can be off the grid or plugged in. You can customize your one-bedroom shipping container home with polyethylene dry walls, vinyl flooring, solar panels and more.

Your container home Florida options are not limited to one-bedroom houses! You can also go for multi-container homes. Offering more spacious and luxurious housing options, multi container homes can have many rooms and several floors. You can create your dream mansion using only shipping containers! You can add drywall, lavish flooring, solar panels, glass panels and more to create stylish and durable container homes.

If you need shipping container Florida options, take a closer look at our portfolio. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch!

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