In modern times, more and more people are working from home. With the advancements in the internet, operating from home has become more accessible and practical. One innovative way to set up your home office is getting a shipping container office! As we all know, shipping containers are used for transporting goods around the globe. They are extremely durable metal containers that are designed to withstand overseas transportation. A used or new shipping container can be renewed and repurposed to be used as homes or offices. And, of course, with a lot of customization options such as doors, windows, rooms, or storage areas.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the landscape of the work environment started to change. Working remotely from home became a part of our lives. While the spare room in your home is ok for now, having a storage container office might be the best option for you in long term. Building a home office from scratch can be a daunting task, which is also much more expensive. Shipping container offices are cost-effective, safe, sustainable, and maybe most importantly, they can enable you to have a much better work and life balance.

If you need to know why the shipping container home office is a good option for you to consider, keep reading to learn the primary reasons that will derive you to buy one!


Container Office

1.   Affordable Prices

Prices are probably one of your top concerns when it comes to build or buy an office. Commercial offices can be pricey depending on location or construction materials. Our containers offices offer lower-cost options than regular offices. Our office containers prices vary depending on the size of the container, such as 20ft or 40ft. Larger office spaces can be built and customized depending on your needs, and the cost would vary depending on that as well. Also, having a shipping container home office saves you money and saves you time! You would no longer need to waste time going to your old office anymore!

2.   Safe and Durable

Our containers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions for long periods. You can be sure that all of our shipping are suitable for building your home or office. Additional modifications such as; fireproof, waterproof, and hurricane proof perks can be made to make your shipping container offices last long. Feel free to ask any questions you might have to us via our contact us page.

Office Containers

3.   Customization and Mobility

Office containers are not only cheap and durable but, most importantly, customizable as you wish. Shipping container offices have a lot of flexibility. We can help you modify your dream office space and place them anywhere you want to. Modifications such as doors, sliding doors, windows, HVAC, electrical installations, and high-security lockboxes are available. They are also reusable and relocatable, making them an excellent option for businesses or personal usage. They can be transported to wherever you want, and they also can be relocated whenever you wish. Whether you work alone or with several coworkers, we can help you build and design your office space. Because of their modular nature, shipping container offices can be stacked vertically or expanded horizontally, depending on your needs. We offer you our expertise and experience along with a 5-year structural warranty for our shipping containers.

4.   Environmentally Friendly

You might be wondering, "Why are shipping containers eco-friendly?" First of all, you may have a used container to turn into an office container. However, even if you prefer to purchase a new container for your office container project, it will spend less energy than a conventional building. This is because lower ceilings and efficient use of limited space make office containers require a lot less energy in terms of heating, cooling, and lighting, especially when their insulation is completed. Using green roofing and solar panels, you can also increase energy efficiency! Having your office close to your home means less time in traffic, which means fewer carbon emissions!

5.   Social Distancing

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of social distancing found its way into our lives. Keeping the distance between employees or coworkers has become a challenge worldwide since the pandemic and will likely continue in the foreseeable future. One of the first actions taken to de-densify the workforce was working remotely from home solutions. Having a shipping container office is the most effective price, safety, and durability solution. Also, having your office space in your backyard lowers the chance of interaction with crowded areas!

Ecofriendly Office Container


As we've listed above, as being made from recycled steel, shipping container offices are sustainable and eco-friendly. Their steel constructions make them durable and sturdy. And not to mention the cost-effectiveness in terms of time and money! Setting up your office in your backyard frees the space up in your home and gives you a quiet space to focus on your work and be more productive.

Building a traditional office is much more complicated than having a shipping container office prebuilt and delivered to your backyard. But you will still need help, and finding the right person to construct your container office can be challenging. Having two decades' experience as CMG, we are glad to provide you with any service you might need. We pride ourselves on our experience, excellent customer service, and industry reputation. So when it comes to a container office built and customized just for you, we are the professionals you need. Please feel free to contact us and get a quote from our team.

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