Shipping containers provide countless opportunities for those looking for intelligent solutions for their various needs. Before discussing some of these solutions that shipping containers can offer, it would be better to mention the advantages that make them so popular in today’s world. Some essential features of shipping containers that make them favorable choices are as follows:

Shipping Container Conversions

  • Shipping containers are durable and safe: Since they are manufactured to endure harsh weather conditions of ocean traveling, the materials used for shipping containers are highly durable. Accordingly, you can ensure that your shipping container will offer strength and safety. Moreover, the maintenance of shipping containers is easy, allowing you to use your shipping container for a long time in its best form if you stick to a regular maintenance routine.
  • They are cost-effective for many reasons: Shipping containers help you save money, time, and energy. First of all, if you need a budget-friendly option, you may prefer used shipping containers that are also highly durable. Even if you choose a new shipping container, also known as one trip, it will be a cost-effective choice compared to a conventional building. Since the main structure of your project is already given with a shipping container, you will spend less time and energy throughout the entire process of your shipping container project.
  • They come in different sizes and features: Various standard shipping container sizes allow you to choose the one that suits your needs. These sizes are 20’, 40’, 40’ HC, and 45’ HC shipping containers. Moreover, there are different shipping container features through which you can pick the most suitable one for your project. For instance, open side containers and containers on both ends ease the cargo un/loading process.
  • They are eco-conscious solutions: With the constantly changing conditions of the age we live in, we have started to reconsider our daily routines, shopping habits, and preferences. Since it has become a necessity to make eco-conscious decisions to protect our world, many companies and individuals have started to opt for recycling projects for various needs of them. In this regard, shipping containers are the perfect means that enable recycling as a solution for countless conditions.
  • They offer several modification options: Shipping containers are versatile structures, enabling different modifications. You can modify your container by adding doors, windows, electricity, shelving, insulation, HVAC, etc. With the endless modification options CMG offers, you can personalize your container, including corrugated container doors, barn doors, sliding windows, window security bars, container solar power installations, etc.
  • They can be utilized for different purposes: These functional and versatile metal boxes can be used as solutions for quite different needs. As well as being used for transportation, shipping containers can also provide solutions for various personal or commercial storage and housing needs. For instance, you can utilize your shipping container as an on-site storage area for your work-related purposes. Or, you can recycle your container by turning it into a container office. Let us assume you are about to sell hand-made items at a festival; how about a fancy container pop-up shop then? The long and the short of the matter is shipping containers offer limitless utilization options through which you can be as creative as you want.

Office Container

Inspiring Shipping Container Conversions

You can convert shipping containers to almost anything you want. Their durability and versatility allow you to be creative about your container conversion project. You might think of tiny houses, container offices, and guest houses as container conversion options that you have, but actually, there are a lot more you can expect from a shipping container. So, we are not exaggerating at all when we say your options are nearly limitless with shipping containers. If you need some inspiration before deciding on your unique shipping container conversion project, take a look at the following perfect container conversion options we have listed for you.

Shipping Container Pool:

Have you ever thought that a shipping container could be converted into a pool? As we have implied earlier, shipping container conversion options can go beyond your imagination! Shipping container pools are generally cheaper than other types of pools. Also, they are aesthetically appealing, allowing you to complement the exterior design of your home in a perfect way. Moreover, they can be installed quickly. Even you can choose a ready-to-use shipping container pool to enjoy your swimming time as soon as possible.

Shipping Container Bar:

As you know, bars are inseparable parts of almost all events, including festivals, concerts, carnivals, and street fairs. So, you might start to think about having a shipping container bar if you have a start-up project in your mind or if you want to expand your business with a pop-up bar.

Shipping Container Restroom:

One of the commercial structures that can be built from shipping containers is restrooms. Since these huge boxes are made from weather-resistant, versatile steel, they can perfectly be converted into shipping container restrooms to solve outdoor needs. They can be used in many places, including festivals, concerts, camp areas, construction sides, and so on.

office container

Shipping Container Showers:

Shipping container showers are available in various shapes and sizes. As shipping containers are watertight and weatherproof, they are great solutions for outdoor showers. Multiple shipping containers can be configurated to handle as many shower facilities as you need. They can be used in various areas, such as festivals, camp areas, beaches, etc.

Shipping Container Garage:

Shipping containers can be converted into garages quickly and cheaply – especially when built from a used container. They offer a dry and secure area for your car or motorcycle. Even, you do not have to stop with a single shipping container. You can have a larger area by connecting containers together. For instance, don’t you like the idea of a garage and an atelier for your unique hobbies side by side?

Container Office:

Container offices are perfect sustainable solutions for both companies and individuals. You can place your office container in your backyard or somewhere close to your business. Container offices are cost-effective, portable, comfortable, and practical solutions. Moreover, you can modify your container office as you wish and enhance your and your employee’s productivity.

In light of these, you can see that shipping containers can offer countless conversion options that will solve your needs in the best and easy way possible. Being in the container industry for almost 20 years, CMG provides perfect solutions for your shipping container projects. Reach out to learn about products, services, and shipping container conversion options that CMG offers!

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