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Refrigerated shipping containers, also known as “reefers” or “reefer containers” in the industry, are an ideal choice for keeping perishables and any other merchandise that require a moisture-free and cold environment. The main difference between refrigerated shipping containers and insulated shipping containers is the fact that reefers have an actively working engine whilst insulated ones do not. Both of them do the trick in terms of temperature stabilization but if you are talking about more sensitive or perishable goods then you are definitely going to need a reefer unit.


Reefer containers run on high-quality electrical engines and are able to store any type of goods from -20°F to 70°F.


Reefers are an awesome option for businesses that require portable and convenient storage options. You can use reefers for storing dairy products, meat, plants, bait, and much more. Their steel casing ensures that they will safely store any of your merchandise protected from condensation, moisture, heat, and molding.


Why Are Refrigerated Shipping Containers Needed?

Refrigerated shipping containers or insulated containers are used for a variety of sectors where portable temperature-controlled storage is needed. The most important aspect here is to generally maintain cold temperatures at a certain level without alteration.


Below are some of the many usages of refrigerated container units:

  • Transporting goods with the requirement for low temperatures for short and long distances,
  • Ensuring long-term durability for stored units,
  • Sterile environment for certain products by preventing the development of microorganisms,
  • Stabilization of abnormal temperature changes due to weather conditions.


Pros and Cons of Refrigerated Shipping Containers


  • Reefers are a very cost-effective alternative to purchasing or renting a brick and mortar storage space,
  • You have a wide variety of customization options for your reefer units in terms of modifications,
  • They are portable and can be carried to any place conveniently,
  • You get numerous tax benefits by having a refrigerated container unit in comparison to traditional storage options,



  • You have to make sure electricity is stable by maintaining your reefer unit in regular intervals,
  • The material used for insulation in the reefers must be of high quality to ensure temperature stabilization,
  • Different goods such as medicine, chemicals, and food all require different modifications,


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Refrigerated Shipping Container Dimensions

Below are the measurements for our reefer containers:

40' HC Refrigerated Container

  • External Measurements
    • Length: 40' (12.19m
    • Width: 8' (2.44m)
    • Height: 8' 6'' (2.62m)
  • Internal Measurements
    • Length: 39' 3'' (11.96m)
    • Width: 7' 8'' (2.34m)
    • Height: 7' 10'' (2.38m)


20' Refrigerated Container

  • External Measurements
    • Length: 20' (6.58m)
    • Width: 8' (2.44m)
    • Height: 8' 6'' (2.62m)
  • Internal Measurements
    • Length: 19' (5.80m)
    • Width: 7' 8'' (2.34m)
    • Height: 7' 10'' (2.38m)


Refrigerated Shipping Container Electrical Requirements

Our reefer container units require a three-phase electrical system that is supplied with a voltage of 440/460 volts. We also have units that have a three-phase electrical system with 200/230-volt transformers.


  • Our units are able to run on 50 or 60 Hz,
  • The electrical system supports a voltage variance of (-) or (+) 15 percent,
  • The PSU (power supply unit) must be grounded for usage and they have to have circuit breakers of a minimum of 30 amps,
  • If a PSU using 208/230 volts is to be used, then the circuit breakers must have a minimum of 50 amps,
  • Our standard units are equipped with 460-volt 3 Phase cables and an ISO standard CEE power plug, which is 59 feet/18 meters. The 230-volt cable does not come with a power plug,
  • No component of the containers must be arc welded, this includes the addition of any metal or conductive material upon which the containers are placed upon. The microprocessor control system has very sensitive electronic circuits and must be handled carefully,
  • The refrigerated containers must be protected against power surges at all times. Our units are equipped with circuit breakers in the case of a power surge. The circuit breaker with 460-volts resists up to 29 amps and the circuit breaker with 230-volts resists up to 50 amps. Additionally, our containers have fuses that protect their control circuits and fan motors. While these are protective measures, they do not eliminate the requirement of additional installation of circuit breakers and surge protectors at the electrical power source.


Please, carefully review our containers’ electrical requirements prior to delivery. For any questions or inquiries, you can contact us at (877)-894-3210.


Now you know the technical details, pros and cons, and the benefits of acquiring a refrigerated storage container. You may perhaps be asking yourself how to pick the right one? Below are some of our professional suggestions to consider when getting yourself a refrigerated container for sale.


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How to Choose the Right Reefer for Your Business?

Every business is unique and has special needs to maintain itself. Thus, when choosing your refrigerated containers there are a couple of factors to consider. To ease the process for you, we highlighted the most important elements below:


  • Size. You can opt for 20 foot refrigerated containers and 40 foot refrigerated containers according to your space requirements.
  • New or used containers. Refrigerated shipping containers still maintain a reliable power source, whereas insulated shipping containers are without a working engine. However, this does not mean that you need a brand new reefer unit. Used reefer units can be a much better alternative in terms of cost and they generally come with certificates if purchased from trustworthy companies such as ourselves, so they will be as good as new ones!
  • Price. Reefer container prices vary from season to season and various modifications can be available if you are in luck. So it is always a good idea to contact professionals to get the best deal. We will gladly provide you a free quote.
  • Delivery. The fees for delivering your new refrigerated shipping container unit might vary depending on your location. For more information regarding this, it’s always a good idea to contact your supplier.
  • Modifications. Many of the reefer units can be modified according to your business requirements. As mentioned above, they can come with their own modifications in many cases. If you want to add specific modifications you can check our section below to learn more about them.


Modification Options for Your Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers can also gain numerous perks and benefits in the form of modifications! Please note that refrigerated shipping container prices generally do not include each and every modification. Certain extra modifications can come pre-installed and that must be inquired through the provider.


Regardless, you can add any additional modifications to your reefer units. We provide a vast array of modifications according to your needs for your refrigerated shipping containers for sale.


Below is our list of modifications:

  • Doors; flat, personnel, corrugated, powered roll-up, and more,
  • Flat floors,
  • Windows,
  • Interior lighting,
  • Shelving system,
  • Vents,
  • Emergency egress,
  • Remote monitoring systems,
  • Paint,
  • Thermometers,
  • High-security lockboxes,


Final Remarks on Refrigerated Shipping Containers


Overall, getting a refrigerated shipping container for your business is a very practical and cost-efficient practice.


You can place it anywhere you want like your backyard, somewhere close to your home, or the location of your business. This way you will save a lot of time and money. You can even modify your reefer unit in any way you require to suit your needs. We will also gladly assist you in packing, delivery, export and assembly of your shipping container offices. You can get more information regarding these services by contacting us.


All in all, this is the end of our brief blog post covering everything about refrigerated shipping containers! If you are interested in learning more about shipping container offices and shipping container homes in general you can check out our other blog posts such as Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Container Homes” and “Enter Shipping Container Offices”.


We are sure you will find more useful information regarding shipping containers through our website. Until next time, be safe and be in a happy mood!

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