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Shipping Containers for Sale in Mansfield, MA

If you're looking for the best-used shipping containers for sale in Massachusetts, you've come to the right place. If so, we would be delighted to offer our high-quality products and expertise to help you complete your container conversion project.

We offer new and used shipping containers for sale in Massachusetts as one of the most experienced suppliers of various used shipping containers, and we can help you find the perfect container for your project.

You should consider several factors, such as the container's size, type, and condition, when selecting one that meets your needs.

When choosing between new and used shipping containers, keep in mind that the latter may have company logos and/or minor dings but are still just as strong and secure as the former.

Used shipping containers for sale are great choices if you're one of those people who does not prioritize the appearance of the shipping container!

And, if you're planning to purchase new shipping containers to use them for your needs, you should look through CMG's selection to find the one that fully satisfies your needs.

For your company's transportation, storage, and other varying needs, CMG provides premium, new shipping containers.

New (One-Trip) Shipping Containers in Mansfield, MA

New shipping containers are frequently built in China and have a one-way trip to the United States. This is why these containers are frequently called "one-trip containers."

CMG purchases new and high-quality shipping containers directly from shipping container manufacturers in China and imports them to numerous locations throughout the United States. As a result, we save money on transportation and delivery.

As a result, we can offer our customers very competitive prices. Because of this, we make every effort to ensure that the costs of your new shipping container are within your budget. In addition to providing one-way shipping containers, we also offer customized modifications, customization, and refurbishment services based on your specifications.

Customers who require excellent condition, long life, durability, and safety will find new shipping containers for sale to be very convenient. We ensure that the steel shipping containers we sell to customers are of the highest quality possible, so they won't require regular maintenance.

We have new shipping containers in standard and high cubes, with sizes of 20' and 40'. Both have the option of having an open side and doors on both ends:

20' New (one-trip) Shipping Containers: Our 20ft shipping containers are made of high-quality steel. As a result, they are extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.

In addition to transportation, you can use our new 20ft shipping containers for various purposes, including providing air-conditioned, comfortable offices for your employees on the job site.

20' Open Side Shipping Containers: A standard shipping container is converted into a 20ft side opening shipping container by replacing a side panel with hinged, bi-fold doors. These doors have locking bars and can be closed or opened as desired.

Because of their adaptable design, 20ft open-side shipping containers can also be used for various purposes.

20' HC (High Cube) Shipping Containers: The dimensions of a standard 20ft container are 20' in length x 8' in width and x 9' 6" in height. The HC containers are different only in terms of height (only a one-foot height difference). So, the dimensions of 20' HC shipping containers are basically 20' L x 8' W x 9' 6" H.

20' Double-Door New Shipping Container: Double-door container, also known as Tunnel container, comes with standard double doors on both end walls. Because it has access on both ends, this kind of tunnel-shaped container makes loading and unloading cargo simple.

Furthermore, double-door shipping containers are excellent choices for those looking for a storage area to organize their belongings practically.

20' HC Shipping Containers with Doors on Both Ends: As in the previous category, there is only a 1 ft difference in this case. As a result, these containers are frequently preferred for large cargo and goods.

You can find the same options with our 40' containers as well, and as you can guess, their difference mostly lies in their size, making them practical choices for storing and transferring larger cargo.

Let's Start Finding The Right Container for You

Used Shipping Containers in Mansfield, MA

As the name implies, shipping containers are primarily used in the shipping industry for global transportation. Although they are useful in international transportation, they are also used in a variety of other industries, depending on their conditions, types, and sizes.

Some innovative uses of these containers include storage spaces in construction areas, portable toilets, studios, disaster shelters, pop-up stores, and so on.

It is natural to have concerns about the durability and safety of used shipping containers, especially if you do not work with a reputable shipping container company. CMG, on the other hand, provides well-maintained used containers in excellent condition.

They might have minor company names or logos, as well as minor dents and/or surface rust.

Nonetheless, all of our used containers for sale are structurally sound, with good doors and solid floors, and can meet your transportation and storage needs for many years.

As for used shipping containers, our options are available in various sizes. We also offer Flat Rack and Insulated shipping containers:

20' Used Shipping Container: Because they are used, 20ft shipping container prices are much lower than brand-new ones. As a result, by offering competitive prices, you can significantly reduce storage or export costs while also attracting a broader range of customers.

20' Open Top Used Shipping Containers: The fully opened roof distinguishes a 20′ Open Top Container from a regular container. They are usually used as freight containers with tarpaulin roofs rather than steel ones. The cover can be removed during loading to allow for top loading of heavy products.

40' Used Shipping Container: Again, as in the case of 20' Used Shipping Containers, the main difference here lies in the affordability of used containers. There is also a high cube option in 40ft used containers.

45' HC Used Shipping Containers: If you need extra space for large-sized cargo such as vehicles, project cargo, construction equipment, and so on, 45ft containers are one of the best options. Furthermore, 45ft HC containers are highly preferable to be converted into living spaces.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers (in 20' and 40'): A flat rack container is a unique container with walls only on its short ends. You can easily load oversized and irregularly shaped cargo (like boats) from the top or sides of the container type because it has no roof and long side walls.

As CMG, we offer used 20ft and 40ft flat rack shipping containers in excellent condition.

Refrigerated (Insulated) Shipping Containers (in 20' and 40' HC): Transporting perishables or other temperature-sensitive products is difficult and risky, requiring refrigerated shipping containers.

A sales representative will assist you from the beginning until you receive your container. We are the only business in our sector to consistently receive 100% positive reviews on eBay, Facebook, and Google for 15 years.

As CMG, we offer both delivery and pick-up services for containers. If you want to use our pick-up service, remember that to prepare and get the container ready, we need at least 24 hours. It may take longer in some cases.

And if you want to use our delivery service, please carefully read the delivery form, understand each item, and answer all the questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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