As we all know, shipping containers are much more than big metal boxes. They can be used for various purposes, such as shipping, storage, or even homes! Custom modifications and accessories can be great additions to your shipping containers. It is wise to start thinking about which shipping container accessories you may need right after purchasing a container. Let's take a deeper look into shipping container accessories.

Must have Shipping Container Accessories  

1. Container Shelving and Racking

shipping container shelving system

When storing your goods inside a shipping container, keeping things organized with shelving is always a good idea. Shipping container shelving will surely help with making the most of the available space, thus maximizing the container's potential. Organizing your items inside is also an excellent idea for their safety. Placing heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top can prevent potential damage. Also, keeping sensitive cargo off the ground may be required in some scenarios. 

2. Container Lockboxes

Using lockboxes is highly recommended to increase the security level of your shipping containers. When used with the standard padlock of the container, the addition of a steel lockbox makes your items stored inside much safer. The standard padlock can be easily unlocked or cut with a bolt cutter, so if you wish to protect your goods from criminal activity, container lockboxes are the accessory to pick.

3. Container Lifting Jacks

If your container is going to be mobile, placing the shipping container's corners on blocks such as cinder blocks or railroad ties is a great way to create levels of ground clearance. In order to put blocks under four corner castings you should lift the shipping container with a jack. Using HI-LIFT jacks is a common mistake when lifting shipping containers.

They are not designed to handle the weight of such heavy objects. For your and the container's safety, using a jack designed for shipping containers is the best option.

4. Container Ramps

If you are loading and unloading your shipping container regularly, investing in a shipping container ramp is a great investment. The entrance edge of the shipping container makes it impossible to get in for palette jacks, forklifts, or trolleys. Using a strong ramp will make things much easier for you.

5. Container Chassis

When moving your container, you might need a specialized chassis. Container chassis, also called intermodal chassis, is a semi-trailer designed to transport shipping containers securely. Truckers use them to deliver containers between locations.

6. Container Twist Locks

If you need to secure your shipping container to a foundation, twist locks are the answer. They consist of ground plates and twist locks. Bolting the ground plates into the concrete is the first step. Then carefully lowering the container, so the corner castings line up with the twist locks is the next. After that, pull the levers on the twist locks to secure your shipping container. Twist locks can also be used to secure containers stacked on top of each other. 

7. Roll Up Doors

roll up door

Instead of using the standard massive doors, using a roller door on your shipping container can be comfortable, especially if you use them as a storage container or a workshop. They can be installed on your shipping container's top or side to create much easier access. 

8. Windows

If you store goods that require fresh air, installing a window to your storage container might be effective. You can add security grills and shutters for increased security as well. So whether you are using your shipping containers for storage or as a building, windows are always a good idea.

9. Container Lighting and Power Outlets

Container lightings are a must if you use your shipping containers as a storage unit or a building. Installing lighting into your container will improve accessibility and makes it easier to see the contents of your container at any time. Of course, with lighting, you require electricity. Since you connect your shipping container to the grid, adding power outlets is also great if you use electric tools.


Uses of shipping containers are many, and as you can see, when it comes to customizing your shipping containers, there are a lot of accessories to choose from. We've listed the most common shipping container accessories above.

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