If you are in the market for shipping containers, you might already know that there are several variables you should consider before making your decision. Some of them are the size, type, and condition of the shipping container. You should be able to determine each factor according to your project. You might already feel a bit exhausted while trying to figure out what you exactly need. The good news is today; we are here to resolve your confusion about the condition of your shipping container to lessen the burden on you. After all, it is not that easy to discern the differences between new and used shipping containers. However, it is essential to know their unique features to ensure that you make the right decision for your container conversion project. Thus, a little bit of help will ease the process for you. So keep reading to learn every essential you should know about new and used shipping containers.

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New (One-Trip) Shipping Containers

First of all, it is essential to explain why new shipping containers are also called one trip shipping containers, which might be something you find confusing. New and one-trip shipping containers are one and the same thing because they make only one trip with goods from overseas. Accordingly, they are used once before reaching their destination.

One-trip shipping containers are excellent choices for those looking for an excellent level of aesthetics because these containers have either none or minimal signs of wear and tear, making them highly appealing to customers who value the appearance of their containers. Another advantage of these containers is that one trip shipping containers come with a longer manufacturer’s warranty compared to used shipping containers. This way, you will feel at ease thanks to knowing that your investment is covered for a long time.

These containers are especially ideal if you want to convert your container into a living space. You can customize your container with countless choices of modifications, including doors, windows, shelving, vents, electrical, and so on. Through these modifications, you can have a tiny house, container office, guest house, studio, etc. Of course, you can also utilize your container for personal or commercial storage needs. Important items like electrical equipment, medical supplies, and even prized possessions can be kept safe with one-trip containers. However, it is not the best option to use your new shipping container for storage purposes only since there are a lot of different varieties to utilize it. Rather, you can prefer used shipping containers for your storage needs.

Difference Between Used and New Shipping Container

Used Shipping Containers

If you are less concerned with the appearance of your container and you want to bridge the gap between functionality and cost, you can opt for used shipping containers. Used containers come in various colors and often have company logos, small dents, and minor surface rust. If you work with a well-known and trusted company, you can ensure the condition of your used shipping container. At CMG, we sell used shipping containers in structurally excellent conditions.

As mentioned, you can preserve complete functionality while saving some money with used shipping containers. In other words, they are cheaper than new shipping containers as well as they are still functional despite some visual imperfections. That is why these containers are perfect if you have a relatively smaller budget or want to save some money for container modifications.

Used shipping containers are especially recommended for storage solutions and non-residential uses. You can use these containers for either your personal belongings or commercial needs, such as files and records, boat and recreational, constructional tools and materials, etc. Moreover, you can also utilize your used shipping container in different ways. For instance, how about turning your container into a pop-up shop for your local business? Converting containers into small shops is highly popular among job owners who want to expand their businesses by opening pop-up shops, serving at festivals, concerts, street fairs, and so on. Another utilization option that used shipping containers can offer is ablution units. Portable toilet facilities are needed in many areas, including festivals, concerts, and sporting events. Instead of having a brand new container for such a purpose, you should prefer used containers which will be perfect for the task.

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You might hesitate about the lifespan of a used container; however, you should keep in mind that these containers are manufactured to endure adverse weather conditions of ocean traveling, and they can be used for years to come. All you have to ensure is the followings: you made the right choice of a used container, you commit to a regular inspection routine through which you can determine the areas that might require repair or extra attention, and finally, you should stick to regular maintenance to prolong the life of your container. Note that these requirements are also valid for new containers, meaning the life span of your container is determined chiefly according to your approach and ways of using it. You can reach out to get tips about how to pick a used shipping container and maintain it once you buy it.

Shipping Container Sizes

Now that you have all the information about shipping container conditions, let us mention the container sizes to help you a little more during the container picking process. The basic features of standard shipping container sizes are listed below:

  • 20’ Shipping Containers: The external measurements of this size are as follows: The length is 20’, width is 8’, and height is 8’ 6”. 20’ shipping containers are spacious and functional, offering versatile, reliable, and secure options for countless needs.
  • 40’ Shipping Containers: Note that there are both 40’ standard height (H: 8'6") and 40’ HC (High Cube - H: 9'6") shipping containers in which you can choose the suitable one for your needs.
  • 45’ HC Shipping Containers: They always come in as high cube containers which are 9’6” tall and the length is 45’ and width is 8’. This size is suitable for larger storage needs.

Until now, we have shared all the information you need about shipping container conditions so that you can decide which is the best for your way of utilizing your container. We have also talked about standard shipping container sizes briefly to help you determine the right size of container suitable for your needs. As a well-experienced and leading container supplier, CMG is here to provide expertise for all your questions to help you through the container purchasing and conversion processes. You can also check the following blog posts to learn more about shipping containers before finalizing your decision:

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