20' Open Side Shipping Containers

20ft new open side shipping containers are here to offer a unique solution to a wide range of needs including transportation and storage. With a full side access, 20ft open side containers provide very practical solutions to various transportation problems. That is why loading and unloading big cargo to these containers take considerably less time and effort, thus helping your business operate more efficiently. 20 ft side opening shipping containers are manufactured from a standard shipping container through replacing a side panel with the hinged, bi-fold doors. Having locking bars, these doors can be closed or opened as you desire. Due to their versatile structure, 20ft open side shipping containers can be used as miscellaneous purposes. You can set up stylish accommodation options, unique stores and stands at your festival organization and impress your attendees, or you can use 20’ open side shipping containers for creating practical living spaces. Container homes are the rising trend of housing and offer cost-efficient solutions in addition to virtually endless design options. CMG’s brand new 20ft open side shipping containers are made of top quality steel. As a result, they can withstand severe environmental conditions for decades and keep their structural integrity for a very long time. Due to our trust in our products, we offer 20 years structural and 10 years wind and watertight warranty, so that you can invest in new shipping containers with confidence.

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Container Type20ft Shipping Container A-quality


20 Years structural and 10 years wind and watertight warranty for 20ft open side new shipping containers and modifications


Lenght20' (6.58 m)
Width8' (2.44 m)
Height8' 6'' (2.62 m)
Lenght19' (5.80 m)
Width7' 8'' (2.34 m)
Height7' 10'' (2.38 m)


Tare5,072 lbs. (2,300 kg)
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