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The cargo container is known by a lot of names. “Shipping container,” “ISO container,” “Conex box,” or “cargo container.” Cargo containers are constructed from corten steel. Corten steel is an ideal material for cargo containers due to their exposure to natural elements. Cargo containers spend the majority of their life outdoors on cargo ships, trains and trucks with little protection from moisture. The cargo container is an appealing construction material for a variety of reasons. First, their strength and durability provide both structural support and a long life span. Their weathering steel construction provides not only corrosion protection, but also strength. Also, with a movement toward sustainable construction practices, the recycling of unused cargo containers for construction material puts an unused product to use. Also, the cargo containers modular construction simplifies the design process. Much like bricks or CMU, cargo containers are designed to specific standards. Containers are designed to be filled, then stacked on ships, then removed. Containers hold all their weight in the floor of the container and the four corner posts. Those corner posts are what the cranes connect to when moving full containers around. These corner posts are slightly higher than the roof and slightly lower than the floor of the container. If you need to stack the containers, make sure that you always have corner posts resting on corner posts. If you can’t do this, make sure those corner posts have extra support. Also, do not remove these corner posts unless you have designed to support the container in another way. Containers are made of corrugated steel. The walls and roofs are made of the same material. You can cut holes for doors and windows in the side of containers.middle of the roof is not strong enough to handle heavy loads but if you distribute the load on the corner post, you can practically load anything, we load up to 8 shipping containers on top of each other and each one is 60Klb. As long as you put the weight on corner post that's more than 480000LB.


Each container will have two labyrinth type small plastic ventilators. Each ventilator is fixed to the right and left hand upper part of left side wall by three 5.0 mm dia. steel Huck bolts in accordance with TIR requirements after drying of top coating, and caulked with sealant around the entire periphery except underside to prevent the leakage of water.

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