CMG containers has 2 in house IICL surveyors, we inspect and provide all necessary paperwork to our export clients. Some cases for remote locations we have network of surveyors, we should be able to provide inspections reports trough them. We need 4-5 business days' notification before you need to export the container.

For elevation the best option will be 4x4 or 6x6 or 8x8 wood blocks, its important that you distribute the weight in 4-6 different spots on 20ft shipping container or 6 to 8 spots on 40ft shipping containers. Specially if the container is sitting on a soft ground, if the weight distribution not done properly the container may sink and container door can not open and close easily. Elevation of the container is very important as well as the leveling.

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This is a common issue and usually very easy fix. The most important thing to know is the left-hand door can not be opened without opening the right-hand door when the container is sealed in.

Sometimes you need to gradually open both doors and push to close or pull to open. You need to prime one another to open both doors. Sometimes It can be hard to open or close one by one.

Please see container inspection video.

If the container is not leveled, it, they may not open and close easily. The ground needs to be dry and leveled. Some containers being delivered to the soft ground and by time according to the load the container may sink on one side and loses the level.

CMG is on a mission to redefine Containerization for 20 years. We focus on the complex task of delivering the best quality containers, and give you the flexibility to configure on-the-ground services to your liking. You will receive sales rep help from the beginning until you receive your container, and we are the only company in the industry we have 100% customer satisfaction for 20 years on eBay, Facebook and Google.

We give 10 years wind and water warranty for new containers and 1 year wind and water warranty for used containers.
Our fresh approach to Container management made us a leader company in the industry.
We are the only company provides partner program and opportunity to make many if you purchased a container from us. Please ask your sales rep for the program.

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