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"Please be aware that our 8ft shipping containers are NOT labeled as standard size containers; they are custom made by shaping 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. Thus, their price reflects this and they can be more expensive than your average 20ft shipping containers."

8' Used Shipping Container

If you are looking for a storage unit that will take up little space to preserve your equipment or merchandise in a safe and dry manner, our 8 ft storage container units are the ideal choice for you. 



Container Type8ft Shipping Container A-quality


5 Years structural and 1 year wind and watertight warranty for 8ft used shipping containers and modifications


Tare2,094 lbs (950 kg)


Height8' 6''
Lenght7' 6''
Width7' 8''
Height7' 10''

They are also multi-functional and can be used for a variety of purposes such as transportation, storage, or renovation. For storage purposes, our 8 ft shipping containers would cover minimal space in comparison to other containers and can pretty much fit any space in your backyard or garden. They are an easy option for storing your garden equipment, extra items, and pretty much anything you wish to store away. They can also be used as a renovation hub such as a workshop with the inclusion of a workbench. This is both a financially cheap and practical solution that will ease your mind when thinking about such a project. Our container units are also resistant to outdoor effects such as humidity, weather, water, and dirt. This is a big plus as they will require little to no maintenance. If transportation is what you are looking for, our 8ft shipping container units are also suitable for transporting any merchandise according to your needs. Just as we mentioned above for creating workshops, our containers are water and weather-resistant and you won’t need to worry about damaged merchandise through overseas delivery. Lastly, 8 foot shipping containers are an awesome alternative for carrying equipment around for various events when traveling through the land. You can easily store all your equipment and merchandise when required for an event such as a music festival, concert, organization, convention, and/or such occasion. If you require assistance with delivery and pick-up for ports, rail yards, and depots nationwide you can get assistance from us for any inquiry. 

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