Container Solar Power Installations

Are you looking for a breath taking, off the grid shipping container home? If so, container solar system is exactly what you need!

Used shipping containers offer a very popular and environmentally conscious housing option. That is why most businesses and households prefer used container solutions over brick and mortar buildings.



Shipping containers are built to last. That is why they are made of high quality steel and have reinforced structures. As a result, shipping containers can pass the test of time and withstand extreme environmental conditions like harsh weather, very high or very low temperatures. In other words, shipping containers still have a lot more years left even after they are done with carrying goods all around the globe. That is why we, a pioneer company in shipping container industry, offer reinforced, very durable and stylish used containers. You can create inviting spaces using used shipping containers: On site offices, housing alternatives, trade fair booths, coffee shops, cafes, food chains, restaurants, off the grid homes, kiosks and much more.

You can opt for using shipping containers for restrooms, showers and housing in a festival or you can create a hip and urban coffee shop in a refurbished container. Since shipping containers come in different sizes (20’, 40’ and 45’) and can be modified greatly, you can build almost anything using shipping containers!

If you want your container solution to answer your very specific needs, you can go for container modifications. For instance, we advise you to get proper insulation if you want to use your shipping container as a residential house so that you will not be spending a lot of money and resources to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, you can get windows, additional doors, sliding doors and more for your container.

If you plan to use your container as an office space or a residential home, you definitely will need electricity. Thankfully, you can get electricity in your shipping container office/living space. You can opt for two options: container electrical system or container solar system.

Putting solar panel on container is your fastest route to getting electricity. Moreover it is the most affordable and environmentally conscious option. If you are worried about your carbon footprint or want to have an off the grid container home, shipping container solar system is the best option.

Shipping container solar systems are laid on the roof of the container where they are directly exposed to the sun. In sunny days, solar panels produce much needed electricity from the sun light. You can store and use the electricity anytime you want.

If you have further questions regarding container modifications or container solar panels, feel free to contact us!

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