High Security Lock Box

One of the easiest methods for locking your container is to use a shipping container lock box. Without the trouble of chains or other locking mechanisms, keep everything you own secure. Covering the padlock and keeping it from being cut or tampered with, it is a heavy-duty metal box that is welded onto the container doors.

Due to the lock box's ability to impede thieves from entering the container and its contents, an extra degree of security is offered.

Shipping container lock boxes, also known as cowl lock housing, are basically padlock surrounds that prevent vandalism and fit over your padlock to protect it from the elements. It guards against bolt cutters. The bolt cutter is unable to enter the lock box and cannot cut the padlock.

The Necessity Of a Lock box:

If you plan to use the container for on-site storage, we always advise getting a lock box and one of our insurance-rated padlocks. You can rest easy knowing that your container is completely secure with a lock box and padlock security package because it stops forced entry using crowbars and chisels, which are vulnerable padlock jimmying techniques.

These lock boxes are an excellent addition to used containers that you buy to increase the safety and security of your possessions. Even though our standard weld-on lock boxes are either installed in the factory or welded on in the depot before the container is delivered, this product is perfect if you already have a container on-site without a lock box.

Moreover, a shipping container's lock boxes can be added at any time. You have different options and modifications are possible.

Larger lock boxes can extend beyond the permitted dimensions and cannot be used for export; slim line boxes are constructed and fitted within the ISO standard dimensions, allowing the container to still be shipped.

Installing a Lock Box:

It is necessary to be near readily accessible welding equipment for a proper installation. This can be achieved either at the container yard or by using a mobile welding truck. The better option is to install it in the yard; better yet, it only requires a few simple steps to complete.

At the height you choose, center the lock box over the closed container door. Mark the area by tracing the shape of the lock box with a permanent marker. To achieve a seamless finish, sand and buff the area with an angle grinder.

For protection, make sure you're wearing your helmet and gloves. Attach the left lock box component to the left container door using a welder. After positioning, flip the appropriate box part and fuse it to the appropriate container door.

Before beginning any welding, make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, gloves, and jacket, to protect your skin and eyes from sparks.

Reach for the angle grinder to clean up the welds. To protect the areas of the lockbox that won't be painted, wrap masking tape around its edges. Next, paint your lock box the same color as the container door using a spray gun. This will assist in creating a robust, tidy security feature.

Your shipping container will always remain secure and safe with lock boxes. While they are tiny enough for anyone to tamper with, they are large enough to accommodate your key and padlock. Tell us if you want to add an additional security layer, and we'll install one before the container is delivered.

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