Man Doors

Shipping containers are revolutionizing a number of industries, not only as innovative transportation solutions but also as adaptable buildings for event containers, restrooms, offices, and more.

An increasing number of containers are being used for various projects every day. There are dozens of different uses for containers, including bars, stores, shelters, studios, and many more.

And the door is a crucial part of every customized application, adding to its overall functionality.

These steel doors offer a regular-sized entryway for shipping containers. Often called “man doors” or “personnel doors,” these doors have an appearance similar to that of conventional building doors. Most man doors are essentially man-sized doors that are cut into larger commercial doors.

Features and Uses of Personnel Man Doors

Man doors work best when frequent, daily access is needed without requiring the opening of sizable cargo doors.

If the shipping container has been converted into an office, or if it is being used to store smaller items like office supplies, retail inventory, or tools, a man door allows personnel entry.

The best applications for them are houses, workshops, or offices—any space where individuals such as yourself or others will be entering and exiting during the day. Especially when it comes to frequently used container offices, using a man door is essential.

Unlike the larger cargo doors that come with shipping containers, man doors provide easier and faster access. They make it simpler to enter and exit your shipping container without having to deal with the large cargo doors, even if you only use your container for storage. They typically have a handy push bar mechanism that is perfect for removing objects from storage. To meet your needs, these doors are offered in a variety of styles and finishes.

Man doors also include integrated locking mechanisms for added security and can be installed on any side of the container, depending on the design specifications.

To keep your container dry, they feature a weatherproof seal and are constructed from premium steel.

If you plan to enter and exit your cargo container frequently, use it as a studio or workshop, or if the cargo swing doors are too large for most of your needs when loading and unloading goods, we strongly advise installing a man door.

If you want to buy man doors for your container or get advice on your project, or if you have any other questions, contact CMG today!

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