Shipping Container Homes for Sale in Miami

Are you fed up with spending a great deal of your income on housing expenses like mortgage, rent, utilities and such? Then you are in luck, shipping container homes are what you just need.



As its name suggests, shipping container homes are made of shipping containers. As CMG Containers, we acquire used containers in good condition from all around the world. Then we test if the structural integrity and durability of these containers are sound. If they pass our intensive tests and convince us that they can withstand extreme environmental conditions for a very long time, we fix small dentures and scratches on these containers before upcycling them into gorgeous and affordable shipping container homes. In addition to the used containers, we also offer brand new shipping containers which can be turned into cool, stylish homes.

Shipping container homes have gained a significant popularity over time due to being cost efficient and versatile. The cost of building a beautiful and functional container home is only the fraction of the cost of building a traditional, brick and mortar home. Moreover, getting the necessary permits for container homes takes less time and is very straightforward. As a result, you can build your shipping container home in a very short time!

Due to the versatile nature of the shipping containers, you can build almost any style and size of home that you can dream of. You can build 2 store, impressive container homes or compact, 1-bedroom shipping container homes in accordance with your needs and budget. You can get in touch with our experienced team to learn more about container sizes and our premade designs. You can also ask for a special design or get assistance from our experts in regard to architectural planning and static project.

The first step to building your dream container home in Miami is getting the necessary permits and PID (parcel identifier) number of your preferred lot. Once you have the PID number, you can go to your city’s zoning department to confirm your land’s zoning and learn if there are any rules, regulations and covenants that bind your lot. Next, you should acquire the needed containers from us. You can opt for used containers or brand new containers in accordance with your needs and budget. We offer many different options including but not limited to 20ft, 40ft and high ceiling (HC).

Then you should construct the foundation. You can do this yourself or ask for our assistance. Following steps of building a shipping container home in Miami are:

  • Placing the containers
  • Connecting the containers
  • Reinforcing the containers
  • Putting windows and doors
  • Putting up the roof
  • Insulation, electrical plumbing and such
  • Flooring
  • Dry wall
  • Sealing the cracks

As the leader in the industry, we build everything in its site so that you don’t have to stress over the construction processes. With expert architects in our team, we create your dream container home Miami in a very short time.

If you would like to learn more about the process or shipping container Miami, feel free to get in touch!

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