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The cost of keeping an office operational has been increasing steadily for the last few decades. That is why many organizations opt for alternative solutions. Being one of these alternative solutions, shipping containers offer cost efficiency, versatility and durability.



Shipping containers are made of high-quality steel; thus, they are very sturdy and resistant to extreme weather conditions. After being used few times for transportation of goods, they are discarded. As CMG, we buy such used containers. We check if they are structurally sound, then we fix small dentures and scratches. Afterwards, we turn used and new shipping containers into stunning houses, cozy on-site housing options, impressive trade fair booths and functional office spaces. Shipping container homes or offices can be off the grid or powered by solar panels. Moreover, you can add bathrooms and kitchens to your shipping container office or home.

Container conversions offer swift processes, low costs and environmentally friendly solutions. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar solutions, it takes a fraction of time and resources to build a shipping container home or office. Moreover, getting necessary permits for shipping container conversions is significantly easier. If you need help with documentation and permit processes, our team of experts would love to assist and guide you!

Due to their versatility, shipping containers offer a quick and functional solution for your kitchen needs. You can create a gorgeous and efficient kitchen or kitchenette for your office space using only shipping containers. As CMG, we offer tailor made kitchen shipping container solutions for your home and office spaces.

You can either opt for creating a new kitchen or adding a kitchen area. Depending on your unique needs and desires, you can create a spacious kitchen container, or you can add a kitchenette area into your container living space.

Kitchens made from a shipping container can be used on the grid or off the grid: You can enhance your container by adding solar panels or hook it up to a reliable power source.

You can create light-duty kitchens or commercial, high traffic kitchens using shipping containers since container kitchens do not need sewage or water connections:

Clean water is stored within the container so that it is always available while sewage is easily disposed of.

As CMG Containers, we provide our customers with unique and efficient shipping container kitchen solutions for competitive prices. From 10 ft containers to 40 ft containers, we offer a wide range of options, so that you can create your dream kitchen. If you want to learn more about container kitchens, feel free to get in touch!

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