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Shipping Containers for Sale in Tampa, FL

Shipping containers are useful for a variety of purposes. They provide numerous benefits and sound solutions for a variety of projects. You might want to build a house or an office; you might need a storage space to keep your belongings safe or a way to transfer them.

If you're looking to buy shipping containers in Tampa, you might be done looking right now! Because we at CMG Containers provide the best new shipping containers for sale in Tampa.

We offer new and used shipping containers for sale in Florida as one of the most experienced suppliers of various used shipping containers, and we can help you find the perfect container for your project.

When choosing a container that meets your needs, you should consider a variety of factors, such as the container's size, type, and condition. When deciding between new and used shipping containers, keep in mind that while the latter may have company logos and/or minor dings, they are just as strong and secure as the former. 

If the appearance of the shipping container is not that important to you, used shipping containers for sale are excellent choices as well! And, if you're looking to buy new shipping containers to use for your needs, you should look through CMG's selection to find one that fully meets your requirements.

CMG provides premium, new shipping containers for your company's transportation, storage, and other varying needs.

New (One-Trip) Shipping Containers for Sale in Tampa, FL

New shipping containers are frequently built in China and bound for the United States. As a result, these containers are often referred to as "one-trip containers." One-trip containers have numerous advantages for your projects.

They are, first and foremost, cost-effective; they save you time and energy while also lowering your expenses. If you decide to use shipping containers in your project, you won't have to worry about starting from scratch and running the risk of being overcharged.

The second advantage of one-trip containers is their incredible durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

In addition to providing one-way shipping containers, we also offer customized modifications, customization, and refurbishment services based on your specifications.

We have new shipping containers in standard and high cube sizes ranging from 20' to 40'. Both can have an open side as well as doors on both ends:

20' New (one-trip) Shipping Containers: Our 20-ft shipping containers are made of premium steel. As a result, they are incredibly strong and can endure severe weather for many years.

Our brand-new 20-ft shipping containers aren't just for transportation; they can also be used to build air-conditioned, cozy offices for your workers on the job site.

20' Open Side Shipping Containers: By replacing a side panel with hinged, bi-fold doors, a standard shipping container can be converted into a 20ft side opening shipping container. These doors have locking bars and can be opened and closed as needed.

20ft open-side shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes due to their adaptable design.

20' HC (High Cube) Shipping Containers: A standard 20ft container measures 20' in length, 8' in width, and 9' 6" in height. The only difference between the HC containers is their height (a one-foot difference). So, the dimensions of a 20' HC shipping container are 20' L x 8' W x 9' 6" H.

20' Double-Door New Shipping Container: The standard double doors on both end walls of a double-door container, also known as a Tunnel container, are included. Because it has access on both ends, this tunnel-shaped container simplifies loading and unloading cargo.

Furthermore, double-door shipping containers are ideal for those looking for a storage space where they can practically organize their belongings.

20' HC Shipping Containers with Doors on Both Ends: In this case, as in the previous one, the difference is only one foot. As a result, these containers are frequently used for large amounts of cargo and goods.

You can find the same options with our 40' containers, and as you might expect, the main difference is their size, which makes them practical choices for storing and transferring larger cargo.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Tampa, FL

Worrying about the durability and safety of used shipping containers is natural, especially if you don't work with a reputable shipping container company. CMG, on the other hand, offers in excellent condition, well-maintained used containers. Minor company names or logos, as well as minor dents and/or surface rust, may be present.

Nonetheless, all our used containers for sale are structurally sound, with good doors and solid floors, and will meet your transportation and storage requirements for many years.

Our used shipping container options come in 20' to 45' sizes. Flat Rack and Insulated shipping containers are also available:

20' Used Shipping Container: The cost of 20ft shipping containers is significantly less than that of new ones because they are used. This allows you to offer competitive prices, significantly reducing your export or storage expenses while drawing in a wider clientele.

20' Open Top Used Shipping Containers: A 20′ Open Top Container is distinguished from a standard container by its fully open roof. They are typically used as freight containers with tarpaulin roofs instead of steel roofs.

During loading, the cover can be removed to allow for the top loading of extremely heavy products.

40' Used Shipping Container: The main difference here, as with 20' Used Shipping Containers, is the affordability of used containers. In 40ft used containers, there is also a High Cube option.

45' HC Used Shipping Containers: 45ft containers are one of the best options for extra space for large-sized cargo such as vehicles, project cargo, construction equipment, and so on. Furthermore, 45ft HC containers are perfect to be converted into living spaces than others.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers (in 20' and 40'): A flat rack container is a unique container with only walls on its short ends. Because the container type lacks a roof and long side walls, you can easily load oversize and irregularly shaped cargo (like boats) from the top or sides.

CMG provides excellent condition used 20ft and 40ft flat rack shipping containers.

Refrigerated (Insulated) Shipping Containers (in 20' and 40' HC): It is difficult to transport perishables or other temperature-sensitive products, requiring insulated shipping containers.

All of the CMG shipping containers for sale in Tampa, FL, mentioned above are made of strong steel so that you can rest easy about the durability of your project. Our goal as CMG is to ensure you are delighted with your purchase.

To accomplish this, we provide consultation, sales rep assistance, modification, and delivery services to keep you from becoming overwhelmed until your project is completed.

Keep in mind that we are the only company in our industry that has received 100% positive feedback on eBay, Facebook, and Google for the past 15 years. 

CMG provides both container delivery and pick-up services. If you want to use our pick-up service, remember that we need at least 24 hours to prepare and get the container ready. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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